FIEE 2023 - Meet GOLTEN in Brazil

Release time:2023-08-02  Hits:1607

FIEE is the largest electronics exhibition in South America, showcasing cutting-edge equipment, products, solutions, and emerging trends in electrical and electronic installations across various industries. On 18th July, FIEE 2023 was held as scheduled, and GOLTEN Electronics participated in this event for the first time.

As an excellent manufacturer of terminal blocks and connectors, GOLTEN attracted many exhibitors to stop by and make inquiries. With superior quality and competitive price, our products gained unanimous recognition.

In addition to the classic items, there were many new products developed recently on display, which not only enriched the existing product chain, but also greatly improved the comprehensive competitiveness of our products.

Brazil is the gateway to South America, and the electronics industry is one of the most important industries in South America. In this exhibition, we have met a lot of potential customers, seen a lot of excellent counterparts, and brought back a lot of valuable opinions from end-users and distributors.

In recent years, GOLTaEN has been developing steadily in the electronics industry and has made remarkable achievements. But what we are more concerned about is the long-term development of the enterprise. We believe that with this exhibition experience, GOLTEN will be able to further open up the international market and establish stable cooperation with Brazilian enterprises.
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