The Electronica China was exhibited in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from July 8th-10th, more than 1600 companies gathered here and explored the infinite possibilities of electronic technology.
GO FORWARD, ENDLESS--GOLTEN in Electronica South China 2023
GO FORWARD, ENDLESS--GOLTEN in Electronica South China 2023.
 Technology Innovation--GOLTEN in 2023 China International Industrial Expo
The 23rd China international industrial Fair was held successfully during Sept. 19 to Sep.23 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai).
FIEE 2023 - Meet GOLTEN in Brazil
FIEE is the largest electronics exhibition in South America, showcasing cutting-edge equipment, products, solutions, and emerging trends in electrical and electronic installations across various industries.
Connect the e-world——Electronica China 2023
Electronica China 2023 took place at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) on 11th July 2023. Golten Electronics took part in it with all kinds of new products and solutions, and had technical communication with many corporat
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